Mark Gedeon – Founding Partner 

Mark is a leadership and process improvement expert who turns chaos into gold with a single touch. He has been building WordPress websites for 10 years and was writing compelling content before the first webpage 404’ed and probably before you were born.

Mark leads the content review team and keeps the rest of us in line. When he isn’t fixing a broken word, he is teaching someone something or playing with his Long-haired Dachshund, jack.

Luke Gedeon – Founding Partner

Luke started pressing words in the 1.5 days and immediately turned it into a corporate project management and workflow tracker. He hasn’t stopped pushing the edges of WordPress capabilities since. Luke leads the code review group. When he isn’t tearing your code to shreds, he is playing with his wife and seven kids or inventing a new spoken language.

Paul Quillman – Founding Partner

Paul is our Director of sales.  With over 15 years of business ownership, he has a passion for process evaluation and streamlining, so that the client has access to the right services for their individual needs.  In his spare time, he enjoys assisting with his sons Boy Scout Troop, community youth band and orchestra, and studying theology and political theory.