Make WordPress more secure, fast, and robust!

Our Vision: To code review every single active plugin in the plugin directory and then, by request, review any other WordPress code that is publicly available!

With tens of thousands of plugins to be reviewed, our vision is impossible without your help.

Even if you are not a developer, if you use WordPress, you can help. If you are not sure what a code review is or why it matters, click here.

If you are a developer, please consider joining our team. We need a mix of both advanced developers and junior developers.

To start, we are reviewing a few of the most popular plugins. That’s where you come in. Please nominate the plugins you rely on most. From those nominations we will select the ones that have the highest chance of positive impact and let the community vote for which ones we do first.

If all goes well, we will move on to the rest of the plugins. Our goal is to fund this with a combination of crowdfunding and sponsorships.



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What is a code review and why should we do it?

A code review gives details about the quality, security and future risks of code on a website that would not be obvious to the untrained eye. It involves an extensive battery of tests and a line-by-line inspection looking for opportunities to make the code more secure, fast and robust.

Then we send the results to the developer and give him a chance to patch any security issues. Finally, we publish the results to help site owners and developers determine which plugins they want to use and how to customize them as needed.

Code reviews have the added benefit of being incredibly educational for the individuals performing the review. We use these code reviews as an opportunity to train new WordPress developers.

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What is a plugin?

A plugin is software installed on a WordPress site to add extra features. Plugins are what make it possible for WordPress to power any type of website.

Unfortunately, plugins are also a huge risk to any website that uses them if they are not carefully checked for security and performance. On the other hand, well written plugin code can increase performance, security, usability and sustainability of a site.

That is why it is so important for this code to be reviewed. The feed-back from the review process helps the author of the plugin improve his code and gives users of the plugin, the owners of websites, essential information to help in choosing the best possible plugin for their needs.

It’s hard work, though – painstakingly tedious work that few are willing to touch. It will not get done if we don’t start working together, but we are doing it because it is important.

Will you help us?



What is WordPress?

First, thank you for reading this far. You did it out of pure friendship and the kindness of your heart and your support is highly valued.

WordPress is a piece of software that runs on the internet and makes it easy for anyone to build their own website. At least, that’s what it is – on the surface.

Underneath the hood, WordPress is an extremely powerful tool that we use to build 27% of the most powerful websites in the world. We build news sites, social media, ecommerce shopping sites, government sites, search engines, wikis, and just about any other type of website you might encounter.

All of this is built on software that is owned by the community and is free to be used and modified by anyone. Thousands of developers work together to make this tool one of the most powerful pieces of software ever written.

Codegrade contributes to this community effort by making sure that the programming code that goes into this tool and into all of these websites is secure, fast, and robust.

Make WordPress awesome with us!