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Codegrade inspects and certifies the quality of web development workmanship while inspiring a passion for excellence in the WordPress community.
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Like a home inspector or trusted mechanic, Codegrade gives you details about quality, safety and future risks that would not be obvious to the untrained eye. Buy with confidence knowing that the developer you are about to hire or the completed work you are about to approve meets the standards you require.

Nobody’s Business

All work done by Codegrade is done under NDA. No code is stored beyond the time required to perform the evaluations (except at your request for your convenience). All reviewers are contractually barred from using even portions of the code they have had access to and are tightly monitored.


No Conflict of Interest

All we do are inspections. We aren’t going to find things just so we can charge you to fix them.

Qualified Experts

Our team is thoroughly vetted. You can trust us to give you the best recommendations.

Giving Back

From free plugins to premium WordPress themes to custom code, we’re making the web better.

We need to protect ourselves against obfuscated, hard to follow chains of logic where evil things can hide. A legitimate looking change… could open a door and go undetected for years.
Nick Daugherty
Everyone should do [code reviews]. And I don’t just mean informally: this should really be a universal rule of serious software development.
Mark Chu-Carroll
The code under review might be correct, but any aesthetic problems it might have could cause future bugs.
Adam Vartanian
Former Googler
Get a professional code review. Don’t do it yourself.
Florian Maier
IT Security
Tools… can’t detect issues in the logic of code and are hard-pressed to correctly estimate the risk to the organization if such a flaw is left unfixed in a piece of code.
Sarah Vonnegut
When not to do code review: Never. Reviewed Code is better code
Ryan Markel
Sure, there are some little things you can do yourself that will help. But if your site is still slow, what do you do next? May I suggest a code review?
Chris Lema
Blogger, conference speaker, coach, advisor

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For developers, a high score from Codegrade on previous work gives potential clients another reason to choose you above your competitors.
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